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Welcome to Snackible's Subscription Club - get your Monthly Box of Healthy Snacks!
One of the biggest snacking problems we all face - forgetting to stock up on the right snacks and then picking up the wrong (read junk) ones during those dreaded hours of hunger pangs!
We at Snackible believe in making 'healthy eating' an easy process for everyone. We, therefore, present these specially curated Snack Box Subscriptions (Monthly) keeping your snacking needs and nutrition in mind - you subscribe, we curate, deliver, and delight! 

What's in the box?
- 10 snacks - a mix of sweet and savory but all healthy, curated by our in-house Snackologists. 
- You'll be the first ones to try our upcoming product for the month (psst... for free). 
- An exciting Free Surprise Gift from a partner brand.   

What are the perks?
- Healthy snacks to your doorstep - every month within a few clicks!
- Recurring payments auto-debited every month(you won't need to keep going back to the website).
- The best way to try several nutritious, guilt-free snacks. 
- Pause/Skip/ Cancel anytime. Just login to your account and do as you like!

Customer Reviews

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Missing Items and Poor Customer Service

I placed an order on the Snackible website using my phone details. Out of the 11 items, 3 packs of snacks are missing. I've been trying to reach out to them, but I haven't been able to get in touch.