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Say hello to our temptingly Hot Chocolate Mix - a warm hug in a mug! Simply mix, sip and let our Hot Chocolate take you in a cozy vibe. Fun fact: this premix is made with jaggery and contains no refined sugar, offering a guilt-free treat for your sweet tooth! This premix would be your perfect companion for warmth to stay cozy and healthy this winter.

So go get your hands on a healthy seasonal delight that everyone can enjoy!

Ingredients List:

Cocoa powder, jaggery powder, vanilla flavour.

Taste Profile: Sweet, Rich, Chocolatey.

Nutritional Information:

Heath Benefits:
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Made with Jaggery
  • Source of Protein
  • Rich in Dietary Fiber

Steps to prepare Hot Chocolate Mix:

1. Put a sachet of Hot Chocolate Mix into a medium-sized saucepan.

2. Pour about 150-200ml of milk over the hot chocolate mix and whisk it together until it is well blended.

3. Heat it on a low flame, stirring it continuously until the mixture is hot but not boiling.

4. Pour the hot chocolate mix into a mug and enjoy!

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