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With a unique blend of crunchy and chewy ingredients, this high in protein & fibre-packed Honey Nut Crunch Muesli brings you a healthy dose of goodness to start your mornings. With a mix of 8 whole grains in addition to some nuts and seeds, this is not only going to tantalize your taste buds but is oing to ensure you have a power packed day ahead of you. 

Ingredients : 

Rolled oats, barley flakes, jaggery syrup, corn flakes, extruted foxtail flakes, black raisin, extruted multigrain flakes, extruted ragi flakes, extruted jowar flakes, black dates, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, honey, flax seeds, honey powder, almond slice, chia seeds, malt extract powder, iodized salt, rosemary 

Taste profile : Sweet and crunchy with rolled oats and nuts. 

Allergen information: Contains nuts 

Nutritional information: 


  • No Refined sugar 
  • Sweetened using Jaggery
  • Rich in protein 
  • Rich in dietary fibre 
  • No preservatives  
  • No additives 


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Rashmi Joshi

Honey nut crunch muesli