Tie the Knot Hamper

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Ready to tie the knot with the best in premium wedding gift? Snackible's Tie the Knot Hamper, a delightful guide filled with unique and healthy snacks that guarantees a lasting impression. Picture the newlyweds munching on crispy, cheesy goodness – that's the memory you gift them. Trust us, this hamper is the premium and perfect match for a special celebration. So, skip the usual, and let Snackible be your companion in the elite gift game!

Our Healthy Delights:

26 Bestselling Snacks:

  1. Baked Kachori- 90g
  2. Cocoa Fills- 80g
  3. Coffee Cookies- 70g
  4. Dahi Papdi Chaat Quinoa Puffs- 35g
  5. Nacho Cheese Jowar Puffs- 35g
  6. Garlic Bread Chickpea Popped Chips- 30g
  7. Peri Peri Ragi with Cheesy Jalapeno- 56g
  8. Peri Peri Ragi Chips- 55g
  9. Pudina Coated Peanuts- 60g
  10. Roasted Moong Jor- 85g
  11. Roasted Makki Chips- 90g
  12. Tiramisu Milk Chocolate- 60g
  13. Herb & Cheese Chickpea Puffs- 35g
  14. Thai Chilli Quinoa Chia Popped Chips- 30g
  15. Choco Filled cookies- 80g
  16. Kimchi Cashews- 50g
  17. Salted Caramel Almonds- 50g
  18. Salted Cashews- 50g
  19. Honey & Sesame Almonds- 50g
  20. Healthy Chocolates Box- Pack of 6
  21. Chocolate Energy Bar- 1pc
  22. Cranberry Almond Energy Bar- 1pc
  23. Baked Pizza Sticks with Cheesy Jalapeno Dip- 75g
  24. Vacuum Fried Salted Banana Chips- 40g
  25. Spicy Habanero & Passion Fruit Chickpea Popped Chips- 30g
  26. Achari Quinoa Khakra- 75g
  27. A Wedding card

Don't wait too long and say 'I Do' to Healthy Snacking with Snackible!

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